Weirdos in History: We’re all Mad here.

Don’t let your memories of dry history texts in school fool you. History is not a dull parade of facts. It is full of fascinating tidbits and weirdos. Some of it reads more bizarre then a celebrity gossip column. It is people living in times that we can not even imagine. The people of the past were people like us and for every person that we find inspiring, there is someone to make fun of.A lot of times, it is the same person!  Is it the difference of time and culture that separates us and makes the things that people do so strange?


Some things that people did do not seem weird to us, but were quite a scandal in their own times.  Things they did that are completely bizarre to us, were considered to be completely normal. The fun thing about people today is that we are all so different that some things that I find weird, you will not. (6)

Imagine if you will, what the people on either side of our history would say about us.  Our ancestors would be completely stunned by our lifestyle. In one hundred years, our descendants may think we are archaic.

In this blog you will find the weird, the bizarre, the funny, and the unbelievable. I can’t even claim that it is all true because, it is history. Written by the victors, as they say. It is full of propaganda, lies, and hard truths. It is the story of who we are and the events that have led us to where we are today. I have made every attempt to verify the things in this blog are true and will tell you if there is a dispute. There are people who dedicate their whole lives to proving that something is fact or fiction, so sometimes it comes down to the differences that people extract from the same sources.

Please excuse any errors that you may find, and feel free to message them to me.

Of course I have picked some of the more click baitey subjects. I hope that this will amuse and inspire you.



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